Monday, January 15, 2007

Heavy Jelly

It was with some distress that I realised I couldn't find my elderly cassette copy of Nice Enough To Eat, an album released by Island Records in 1971. A sampler, as it was called then, featuring tracks from various bands.

This is a severe loss, not only because of the fab version of Gungamai by Quintessence, but also because I really felt like listening to I Keep Singing That Same Old Song by Heavy Jelly. Heavy Jelly were really - as almost none of you will be interested to hear - Skip Bifferty, recording under a false name, for contractual reasons. Which is quite a well-known story to anyone with a dull and pedantic interest in early 70's and late 60's obscure British prog rock / psychedelia. And I have never been one to shy away from dull and pedantic interests.

Dammit I really want to hear that Heavy Jelly song. Not surprisingly, there is no sign of this obscurity on iTunes, or Youtube. I will now have to tear the house apart, looking for this old cassette.

Nice Enough To Eat

Side one

1. Cajun Woman – Fairport Convention
2. At the Crossroads – Mott the Hoople
3. Better By You, Better Than Me – Spooky Tooth
4. We Used To Know – Jethro Tull
5. Woman – Free
6. I Keep Singing That Same Old Song – Heavy Jelly

Side two

1 Sing Me A Song That I Know – Blodwyn Pig
2. Forty Thousand Headmen – Traffic
3. Time Has Told Me – Nick Drake
4. 21st Century Schizoid Man – King Crimson
5. Gungamai – Quintessence
6. Strangely Strange But Oddly Normal – Dr. Strangely Strange

Aarrgghh there are a lot of good songs there, I must find it again.


  1. Anonymous12:33 am

    used to have it in my library-
    until my computor crashed.
    will try for it again

  2. Anonymous5:18 pm

    Hi Martin, I have this on LP. and i have found mot of the tracks on mp3. If you want some songs i can e-mail them to you. Regards, Alistair PATON

  3. Anonymous12:10 pm ....blessings..butlincat

  4. Can send you by email

  5. plse send me your email. Have it in 320 bkps quality

  6. Can send you by email