Friday, December 31, 2010

Free signed copies of Kalix, la Loup-Garou Solitaire

A box arrives from my French publisher, Editions Intervalles, containing copies of Kalix, la loup-garou solitaire, the French edition of Lonely Werewolf Girl. This book is huge! It's an enormous volume. After reading about Kalix, you could easily use it for fighting off burglars, or clearing space on a crowded train. Or if you were at some sporting event you could stand on it, and get a much better view.

Rather than leaving this box of books cluttering up the place, I'll give away two signed copies, in a small competition. To enter my small book competition, just leave a comment below telling me you'd like the book. Anyone can enter. After a few days I'll select two winners somehow or other. At random, probably. Unless someone leaves a comment which is so entertaining that it has to be a winner.


  1. Ooh! I should like one one. I am trying to scrape the rust off my French having not really used it for years, and having something fun to read would be a real incentive.

    (Also, Happy Nearly New Year to you!)

  2. :D i would love one, i may even learn french again... i am in fact french (or at least my name is) , anyways i am an obsessive collector of books, and im most cases re-buy books just for the covers anyways (stupid artists manic tendencies ) ......

    happy belated christmas xxyz

  3. Simon Anderson12:31 pm

    Martin, I'd love a copy because I'm a translator working out of French and German into English. So, apart from professional curiosity,
    a) it's a great excuse for me to re-read the book and come at it from a fresh angle,
    b) it might even help me a bit with my colloquial French - possibly with terms like "a serious case of pre-gig anxiety" or "pop-tarts", and
    c) if it's really that massive, maybe I can work it into some kind of weight-lifting programme to help me shed a few pounds.
    Best, Simon

  4. It would go well into our 500+ collection of books, and it would go well with the French copy of the first part of the Wheel of Time book I got when I to Europe in high school. That and I had 4 years of German, 1 of French, and I can't remember anything except how to say I don't speak French and Kalvier for Piano. And I think Rammstein is to blame for remembering that last part.

  5. I'd love a signed copy of Lonely Werewolf girl in French! I'm just a beginner but I'd love to read it in another language!

  6. Anonymous9:57 pm

    Hi Martin,
    read your books (great joy), read your blogs (sad, Thraxas is alive) and saw your list of live band gigs (felt good... but old). Love football, pool and RPG. So, nothing special, just mass. You´re special, you can write! So, inspite of all the sweet comments: please stop giving presents to a few. Use your talent and work! ...the best present a great author can give to us!
    Happy New Year and good luck,

  7. Anonymous10:22 pm

    i would love to win your book in french. me and my best friend have read most of your books and i would love to give here a signed book from you and especially in french.. she wouldnt undertsand a thing.. but it would be so fun to hear her read it loud in french...
    pleeeaceee let me win..
    i promes to bye more books from you so you can continue to sit in your appartment and play games.....

  8. Hi mr. Millar,

    I am your biggest italian fan! I loved your books and i just finished "la maledizione delle ragazze lupo", your second novel about Kalix! I'd love a french copy for your signature! It would be amazing!!! Something to brag about!

    Thank you again for your amazing novels and sorry for my - not perfect - english.

    PS: I'm a Buffy fan too. Sadly here in Italy the comics arrived just a few months ago, but i think season 8 is pretty crazy (in a good way).

  9. Sacré bleu! Kalix, la loup-garou fille solitaire en Francais! Thanks Babelfish. Shame I don't actually speak French, I just really like the cover is all. It sure is purty.

  10. Anonymous7:27 pm

    I would love a signed copy of the froggy version of Lonely Werewolf Girl! Please... :B

  11. I do like your books and your blog but I have to say that I do not speak/read French and I usually don't understand the point of signed copies of anything. I just wanted to jump on the 'OMG! Free stuff!' band wagon. So, if you select me please know that the book will sit on my bookshelf untouched, possibly for a long long time. Many years from now I will pick it up and say 'Hey, Martin Millar - in French! Where the hell did I get this? Huh, it's signed. Cool.' So, you're probably better off picking someone else... or not.

  12. I'd love a copy - I've loved your books since I read Lux the Poet when I was interrailing in about 1988. (So I probably first read one of your books in, that's not a very convincing reason to give it to me, is it?) S'il vous plait, jolie s'il vous plait?

  13. Anonymous7:50 pm

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  15. My son and I would LOVE one. This and a fine pair of shoes will surely make us the envy of all our friends. We will be happy to send whisky to an address of your choice, because we Americans are bored as Hell and we need a new book.

  16. Anonymous12:40 am

    I like Rosie's comment... new boots and whiskey!
    Can't wait for the next book. Although you describe the physical features of Kalix, Thrix, Dominil, etc. extremely well, it still would be cool if there were some graphic representations of the characters.