Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Soo Catwoman T-shirt

Here I am in my new Soo Catwoman t-shirt, which I love dearly. Notice the expression of deep concentration as I struggle with the difficult task of taking a picture and talking on the phone at the same time. Afterwards I had to sit down and rest.

Also in picture - MacBook Pro, box it came in, nice little tartan head-scarf, World Fantasy Award, box of tissues, edge of trusty old Mac iBook, blue mug, assorted books, wicker basket containing socks, TV remote and envelope containing bill for something.

I bought this t-shirt from Catwoman Clothing which is the creation of Dion, Soo's daughter. To paraphrase her daughter's words, very many people have used pictures of Soo Catwoman over the years, on books, magazines, posters, clothes, record sleeves and so on, without either asking permission or paying any money, so now they're reclaiming it.

You can buy various designs of these t-shirts either at Catwoman Clothing's Myspace or Soo Catwoman's website.

Here's another picture of one of their t-shirts -


  1. Tommy6:55 am

    That's an awesome looking t-shirt! You look quite coool in it :)

  2. Flat hat6:58 am

    just missing the cuddly toy ...

  3. Hey, who said men can't multi-task?!

    Nice T-shirt, Martin! You're building up quite a collection of nice T-shirts!

  4. Tommy, I appreciate anyone saying I look cool.

  5. Hi Sammi. It was a difficult multi-tasking enterprise! It strained my resources to the limit.

  6. Off-topic, but I just picked up a copy of CURSE OF THE WOLF GIRL at St. Mark's Bookshop in the East Village, NYC yesterday! Can't wait to dive into it!

  7. i think this one is custom printed t-shirt and love to wear.