Friday, July 23, 2010

Hello Kitty

I'm finding Twitter confusing. I didn't realise there's a link you have to press to see if anyone has replied to your posts. I only found out after I asked my friend @Abby about it. I'm still confused about what posts go where.

This brings on some gloom about the modern world. I've been through websites, newsgroups, message boards, forums, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter and God knows what else, when all I really wanted to do was generate a little publicity, sell a few books, and spend the rest of my time watching SpongeBob SquarePants. Was this so unreasonable? Yet now here I am, trapped by technology. Clearly my life has gone wrong somewhere.

* shakes fist at modern world *

I noticed some Hello Kitty bags in the supermarket today, and I was interested in this, because you don't see much Hello Kitty merchandise around here. (Vex, Kalix's friend, is a fan of Hello Kitty) I quite wanted to buy one, and wondered if there was someone I could give it to as a present, but I couldn't think of anyone. My niece is too old, and would be scornful of it. And I couldn't really justify buying it for myself.

Hello Kitty has a little bow around one ear. This looks pleasing, but I'm wondering if it's really practical. Would a bow really stay on a cat's ear? I think it might just fall off all the time.

I was going to finish this blog with the stunning revelation that Hello Kitty was inspired by the broad flat colours of the great artist Matisse, particularly the paper collages he created late in his career. That would have been a good piece of information to pass on. But I've just remembered it wasn't Hello Kitty that was inspired by Matisse, it was Miffy the Rabbit. Hmm. I have no real opinion on Miffy.


  1. Faith6:18 am

    hello Kitty is an ageless obsession, as evident by my hello kitty toaster, alarm clock, coffee maker, water cooler. and although I don't have one the ever controversial adult toy the hello kitty pocket rocket.

  2. Perhaps Hello Kitty was inspired by Miffy, and therefore indirectly by Matisse.
    Also, couldn't buyingbthe bag = research, so she fits properly in the books?

    You may want to try something like Tweetdeck for Twitter - it let's you sort stuff into lists to make it easier to keep track of.

  3. Hello Kitty has even hers sanitary pads... She is going to rule the world...

  4. One of my daughters tells me you can get a gun with Hello Kitty on it. Another of them dressed from head to toe in Hello Kitty clothing (when aged 7) which might help explain the lack of HK merchandise as it's all in my house. But if this cat can stand up so easily, surely a bow can stay on her ear.

  5. My wife was rather obsessed with HK, the bow on the ear is supposed to tell you if it is HK or her sister, as each wears a bow on a different ear. It also helps determine legitimate products, I guess her sister doesn't get any toys.

  6. You describe exactly how I feel about technology, I've been so tempted to just live without the Internet, but I realized that would make me a total outcast, like when I tried to survive without a telephone in Paris in 1993.

  7. Chiaki4:42 pm

    Hello Kitty never choose her job.

  8. Anonymous12:48 am

    I will direct to this. Fear the kitty.

  9. Xavier2:22 am

    Words can hardly express my excitement at discovering that you have a somewhat regularly updating blog. Waiting between books for your writing has been entirely too demanding. Dragging out this latest one should hold me for a few days though. Thanks for everything.

  10. There's a lot of good Hello Kitty information in these replies, I've been fascinated. is particularly entertaining.

  11. Lee Tatum12:04 am

    I just finished 'Curse of the Wolf Girl' this afternoon. It was tremendous, every bit as funny, profound (in a sort of "Vex & Kalix go to college" way), and addictive as 'Lonely Werewolf Girl.' In Vex's honor, all Hello Kitty fans must buy the book. Run to your local bookstore. Now.

  12. If I were to run to my local bookstore I'd again have to give 'm a shouting for not selling any Martin Millar books full stop.
    Which, the last time I did that, gave 'm a good frowning. Maybe it was because my hair turned into snakes again, and they were afraid I'd turn 'm to stone. Hm.

    As for Miffy < - > Hello Kitty: I know Miffy came first and that Japanese people loved it and then came up with Hello Kitty. Which became more widespread than Miffy. I also think Miffy was inspired by Cobra rather than Matisse.

  13. Miffy is way cooler than Kitty - she's been involved in direct action for years

    (ignore "security" warnings, the site is fine)

    Experiments have so far indicated that my cat can keep a bow on her ear for about three minutes.

  14. that's - in my opinion- the best hello kitty of ever!!! :-D

  15. Anonymous4:15 pm

    @ Linda, Martin is correct Dick Bruna the creator of Miffy was inspired by Matise.