Sunday, October 21, 2007

Reading in the Bath

A new Buffy Comic arrives through the letter box, just as I'm running a bath. I have an overwhelming urge to read it in the bath. However, I know that if I do this, disaster will follow. I will inevitably drop it in the bath. I have done this before, with books. And once you drop a book in the bath, there's no coming back from it. There is no way of restoring a bath-drenched book to its former shape. As my local library can testify.

This comic features Faith, and starts off with a flashback to the epic scene where she fought Buffy at the end of season three, and Buffy stabbed her. This whole sequence was one of the best things ever. I was awe struck at how good this television was. A highlight of Western culture, as far as I'm concerned. Right after Buffy stabbed Faith, she had to let Angel bite her, and drink some of her blood, in an orgasmic scene which involved much moaning and writhing around on the floor. It was great stuff.

My friend Ivy Webb has her first album out, which I've just bought from iTunes. It's taken Ivy a lot of time and effort to get this release and I'm hoping it does well for her. Ivy is American and lives in London. She has a beautiful voice. If you happen to be someone who does music reviews of any sort, I'm sure she'd be pleased to hear from you.

Not long now till Carter USM's re-union gig in Brixton, I'm really looking forward to this.


  1. I can concur with the book/bath no no. Many a publication has drowned because I was reading in the bath. Just about to finish Werewolf Girl it's been fantastic to read and I can see the Joss Wheedon dialogue influence, but that can only be a good thing can't it? Anyway one more chapter to go and you'd better not let Kalix come to harm or there'll be trouble Mr Millar. In fact I won't read anymore of your books until the next one comes out. ;)

  2. Phew that's okay then. I just finished the book Mr Millar fantastic read. Everyone should own a copy.

  3. No books in the bath, no phones when you are washing up, no smoking with long hair and no sharp implememnts around people you don't like - simple rules for leading a pleasant life.