Thursday, October 11, 2007

Arguing in Shops

All has not been entirely well on the rhubarb crumble front. There have been several occasions recently when I've arrived in the supermarket to find the shelf empty. Which leads to me standing there for quite a long time, peering at the shelf, hoping that one might magically appear from somewhere. Eventually realising that I've once more been defeated by life, I shuffle off home to brood on the unfairness of everything.

I have considered demanding to see the manager, and having him send a team of workers to search the storerooms, and bring me a rhubarb crumble right now, but I fear it might degenerate into some sort of argument. I don't like to argue in shops, though I have found it happening in the past. I'm not sure why. Some deficiency in my character, no doubt.

Local Shops In Which My Presence Is Not Entirely Welcome:

The Hardware Store

Stormed out after furious argument over deficient pot. Took it back with broken handle and they accused me of dropping it on the floor! Scandalous and untrue. Almost came to blows with the owner and can never go back.


Argued over price of saline solution. How much do these people think they can charge for a little salted water? Criminals. Surprisingly vehement quarrel with the manager. I'm convinced he was drunk at the time.

Morrison's Supermarket

Not actually banned, but staff came to regard me with hostile suspicion after prolonged angry dispute over their mis-handling of the whole potato labelling situation. I will never forgive them for trying to make me pay more for these potatoes at the checkout than the price on the shelf. A complicated argument as to which potatoes the price on the shelf actually referred to eventually sucked in the check-out girl, the floor manager, the duty manager and the general manager, but still failed to fully resolve the disagreement. But Morrison's has closed down now. Ha. That will teach them.

The Post Office

Am angry with them after being asked not to bring my bicycle in there. I go in the damn shop every day. One appearance with bike wasn't going to hurt anyone.

The Other Post Office

Discovered, to my distress, that the staff at the other post office were uniformly rude and unpleasant. Have now been obliged to revert to the original post office. But they'd better not give me a hard time about anything.


  1. Blimey, I think I've had a narrow escape, to say the least.

  2. germaine6:59 am

    I am now no longer welcome at Decanter (a bar) after a dispute about corkage and the manager holding some of my friends hostage. Why should you have to pay $80 for a bottle of whiskey that is yours???!!! My symphaties.

  3. I have a similar propensity to pick arguments in shops. I'm also banned from an airline and not even for air rage, merely for questioning their terrible customer service during a lengthy delay...

  4. GirlFiend11:40 am

    I feel a shameful sense of triumph everytime I walk passed the closed down Oxfam shop near uni -

    The HORRIBLE monster-woman in there loudly and publicly berated me for stealing food out of the mouths of 3rd world children when I asked if she would do a pair of items for a fiver instead of the labeled prices -how was I to know that Oxfam is above bartering with poor students??? all the other charity shops in Wimbledon will......