Monday, September 10, 2007

Eye Problems

I had a pleasant time on Wednesday, meeting my friends Tony, Robin, Les and Angus in a pub in Brixton, where we discussed the important issues of the day, namely music and football. The excursion caused me some problems, in terms of my agoraphobia, but generally was OK. So that was fine.

But this was followed by great misery on Thursday as my eye suddenly became sore. Realising it was undoubtedly a very serious condition, I rushed to the doctor, quite prepared to brush the receptionist aside if she gave me any nonsense about waiting for an appointment. Fortunately for all concerned, I was ushered in to see my doctor fairly quickly

Several minutes and a quick examination later, I was on my way to the chemist with a prescription for a small tube of anti-biotic cream. My so-called doctor claimed it was a mild infection which would clear up in a day or two.

I was unconvinced. I mean, can you trust these doctors? I trudged home, fully expecting to live out my few remaining weeks in agony before dying of some terrible eye disease.

OK, my eye is feeling better now. Possibly it wasn't terminal after all. But I still feel the doctor didn't take it seriously enough.

Have retreated to the couch with emergency duvet, stored in the living room for just such times of crisis, and will drink tea and watch Buffy till I recover.


  1. Hope your doctor never happens upon this blog, Martin! He may take you even less seriously next time, and just prescribe crumble and a Buffy marathon without examining you at all! Actually, that would probably make you much better than any cream, regardless of the illness.

    Glad you're recovering though!

    Think I've inherited your teeth problems. :o( My gum's swollen, and I don't think Buffy will help me.

  2. germaine4:02 am

    eye infection? ive battled a few of those. not very sexy i can tell you. but tea and buffy are most definitely a known cure for such ailments. hehehe. get well soon.

  3. Thanks for the kind thoughts, Sammi and Germaine. An extended spell on the couch with Buffy, and some crumble, does seem to cured the problem.