Monday, September 24, 2007

Book Stuff, Arsenal

Not a huge amount happening round these parts. I've spent the greater part of my time on the couch watching football, and am pleased with Arsenal's excellent start to the season. Who'd have thought that Adebayor would score so many goals?

The Italian contracts arrived for Lonely Werewolf Girl, which will be the first foreign translation. So that's good. I haven't signed the contract for the American edition yet, but if all goes to plan, it should be published in the USA next April.

Meanwhile, you will hate yourself forever if you don't take advantage of the opportunity to buy a fine signed copy of Lonely Werewolf Girl from my own sales page at Really, failure to do so will be a blunder from which you may never recover. I urge you to buy it, simply for your own good, before your life collapses in ruins.

The picture is a draft of the cover art for the new Tor edition of The Good Fairies of New York, coming out in America next June.


  1. Your veiled attempt at emotional blackmail would probably have worked had I not already tapped up Debi Alper for a copy of LWG ages ago - but thanks for the thought, my life is now out of danger. Phew!

  2. Marianne from Paris10:40 am

    Hi Martin remember me? Marianne from Paris, I directed the stage versions of Alby Starvation and Melody Paradise in France... Martin, I have great news about the Good Fairies over here, at least the possibility of great news should you be OK with it, so I need to talk to you asap. I sent you an email but not sure you got it. Please please Martin get back to me :!!!
    Looking forward and all my love meanwhile. Marianne Groves

  3. I had a very boring airplane trip to Toronto last week (in Ontario, Canada). The air part was boring, not the destination part, which rocked.
    Anyway, a first for me, I bought the book in the airport shop! It is a Raincoast edition of "the Good Fairies in New York" and laffed all the way to Toronto.

    Is there a hard cover version? I want this book as a 'keeper' and I gave my trade paperback to my daughter to read.

    I hope the hard cover edition has the same cover illustration as the one on your blog here. You can reply by posting on my