Thursday, March 15, 2007

Review of Local Rhubarb Crumbles

My first ever food review.

I have little interest in food, and can become both bored and gloomy trying to think of anything I want to eat. I’ve recently lost weight and am looking a little skinny. Having discovered I’m fond of rhubarb crumble, I’m now trying to eat them regularly, to avoid fading away to nothing.

Iceland - Nice pie, recently increased in size. Cooks OK in oven.

Proportions - Slightly too much rhubarb, not enough crumble. Risk of ending up with last bit of rhubarb and no crumble to go with it.

Availability - usually to be found in shop. Have been occasional disappointments. Also, Iceland only opens till 6pm. Often, after day spent on couch staring into space, I can’t get there on time.

Purchasing problems - you can queue for a long time in Iceland, there are definitely times when there aren’t enough people working the check-outs. Quite possible to get stuck in queue behind enormous woman with a trolley containing more food than I could eat in a month.

Still, crumble is good value for £1

Risk of meeting dangerous mad people in the shop - Severe

Feelings of misery and hopelessness

engendered by shopping in Iceland
- moderate

Sainsbury - Also nice pie, and cooks OK but needs longer than the recommended time or you risk having soggy crumble.

Proportion of crumble to rhubarb - too much crumble, not enough rhubarb.

Availability - usually on the shelves, but there have been weekend disappointments.

Purchasing problems - Not many. Check outs usually well-staffed, with occasional lapses. But Sainsbury is cold sometimes. I like to be warm and comfy doing my shopping. I hate it if the shop is cold.

All in all a good pie, but £1.69 seems a little pricey to me.

Risk of meeting dangerous mad people in the shop - Moderate

Feelings of misery and hopelessness
engendered by shopping in Sainsbury
- low

[I note Sainsbury has recently introduced an exotic ‘pear and blackcurrant crumble.’ Surely pears aren’t meant to be made into crumble? Pears are meant to be put in tins.]

Cost Cutter - No rhubarb crumble at all. But they do have an independently produced apple crumble, to which I have occasionally succumbed. It’s too sweet really. Cooks OK, but is a little soggy. Still, at £1, it’s good value too, and it’s usually there in the freezer. And the shop is open late every day, which is a point in their favour if it’s late on Sunday evening and you just crave a hot pudding.

Risk of meeting dangerous mad people in the shop - Very Severe

Feelings of misery and hopelessness
engendered by shopping in Cost Cutter
- high


  1. pm

    only here as a link to 'the new york dolls' one of my all time favourite bands. anyway looked at your blog(fuck knows why) don't you know sugar is bad for you, talk about lipstick killers, it may be sweet but it's poison, (read 'sugar blues')

  2. No I don't think sugar is bad for you. Certainly not if you're underweight, as I am. It's a natural food, and only dangerous in excess.

  3. Martin, don't you know how to make rhubarb crumble? I can tell you!

    Just take rhubarb and wait.

    A very long time.


    PS Since we're all into random comments here - do you have any other Elfquest books? I've read books one to four, and this house has gone Elfquest crazy (20 years late I know, but I've never been up with the times!).

    I want to borrow more Elfquest books...