Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Moon and the Stars

I went outside to watch the moon turn orange, as the earth moved between it and the sun. Suddenly I felt a terrible change coming over me. Next thing I knew it was four hours later, there were mangled corpses at my feet and there was blood on my fangs...

OK, that didn’t happen. Well, not the blood on my fangs bit. But I did watch the eclipse of the moon, and it did turn orange, and very impressive it was too.

So. Impressive lunar events and an Arsenal victory made Saturday a good day. Arsenal have been suffering recently, done down by ill-luck, poor refereeing decisions and a scandalous campaign against them by the Football Association. But Arsenal will emerge triumphant, as our galaxy of young stars sweeps everyone before them next season.

I notice it’s not long till the final Harry Potter book comes out. Not that I am the sort of person to get obsessed with Harry Potter.

* currently marching on Parliament with 'Bring Back Dumbledore' banner *

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