Thursday, June 06, 2013

Thraxas Final Triumph

With the publication of Thraxas Under Siege, I have now completed my Thraxas project. All nine Thraxas books are now available from ebook stores. I strongly recommend you buy some Thraxas.

This turned out to be a bigger project than I'd anticipated. I'm fatigued. I am now lying on the couch, staring into space in celebration. For the next few days - weeks - months, possibly - I intend to do nothing except play on my Playstation, starting with Mass Effect 2, which, fortunately enough, just arrived in the mail.

Thraxas at - Amazon Kindle (UK), Amazon Kindle (US), Nook, Kobo, iTunes, Sony


  1. Anonymous6:41 pm

    And now you can do that perfectly guilt free. :) Enjoy.


  2. Thomas11:43 pm

    One day while looking over my bookshelves, I thought to myself "will there ever be more books in that Thraxas series? what happened to that Martin Scott fellow anyway?" And somehow, some time later, I now find my brow furrowed while reading of the antics of the outrageous Elfish. (As well as with a renewed appreciation of 70s New York punk.)

    Thanks, ebooks, not to mention our esteemed author. Thraxas was in a fine form too.

  3. Anonymous3:11 am

    Hello Mr. Millar,
    will you ever publish a 10th book?

    1. Yes, I am planning a tenth book, for next year I hope.

  4. I think Everyone is waiting for the 10th book.Thraxas adventures are so avesome that I've even read "Thraxas and the Ice Dragon" in english, despite of this is not my native language. That's the only book I've read in English so far.

    Congratulation on past holidays for you! =)

  5. Hello Mr Martin,

    first of all, thank you so much for Thraxas and the Ice Dragon! is there any chance to read the next book about Thraxas this year?
    all the best to you and kind regards

  6. Hello Mr Millar,

    first of all, I would like to thank you for Thraxas and the Ice dragon! is there any chance to read the next book about Thraxas this year? I hope you are not tired too much.

    all the best and kind regards