Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Thraxas Ebook Online Empire Thunders Into Life

Or lumbers slowly into life, perhaps. Thraxas is not keen on rushing things. Nonetheless, progress is being made. The Thraxas series, written under the pseudonym of Martin Scott, is going digital, and the first Thraxas novel is now available as an ebook on Amazon Kindle US and Kindle UK, the Apple iBookstore, and Copia. It will be on other ebook sites like Nook and Kobo soon. (It can take a few weeks for these stores to list the book after it's delivered.)

Somewhere in the process the ninth book will emerge. I'm expecting Thraxas and the Ice Dragon to be available in a month or two. (I may have said that before, but this time it's actually happening.) I have revamped, which has more details of all this.

If you don't have an ebook reader but want to read Thraxas, don't despair. You can download free apps from Kindle, Nook, Sony ebooks and Copia, and other places, that enable you to read them on your PC or Mac, and I give some links to these on the Thraxas website.

I was pleased to see two five-star reviews of Thraxas on only a few days after the first ebook appeared there. I appreciate these reviews.


  1. Anonymous3:53 pm

    I don't own any of the above mentioned devices, am hoping I can download to my MacBook. The photo is lovely, and is how I picture Kalix to look. I do love the Thraxas books, too though.
    Jamie Ferrari

    1. I'm glad you like the picture, Jamie. There are Kindle and Nook apps for Macs, I should have made that clearer, I've edited the blog now.

  2. Anonymous4:34 pm

    Had to post my own amazon review; hope you like it!:

    If you read and liked British author Douglas Adams' Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, then you'll love the writing of another brilliant Brit, Martin Scott. His hilarious and creative style is evocative of Adams, but in Thraxas Scott brings to the table a unique blend of fantasy, comedy, and detective story to create a world and a story that are all his own. You MUST read this book!

    1. I certainly do like it, that's a really good review, thanks for posting it.

  3. Anonymous7:07 pm

    Yay! And perfectly timed to coincide with my annual avalanche of B&N gift certificates!

  4. Anonymous10:23 pm

    The Kindle e reader software is free on their site. I worship my Kindle. I can carry around an entire library in my purse. :)


  5. Matthias12:26 am

    I bought the first book for my Kindle today and started a re-read (even though I own all eight Thraxas noevels in their original paperback editions), because I think that the price is fair and this is a series I really wanna support. So: thanks for finally making them available as ebooks!

    One minor niggle, though: while I like the cover image, I believe the lettering could do with an improvment. They say "don't judge a book by its cover", but that is what some potential buyers will do. I'd suggest to differentiate the covers of the other books a bit more as well -- change the background and letter colors at least, so that each one can be distinguished easier.

  6. And bought. Hopefully this should reduce my Kalix cravings until the next werewolf girl book is released.

  7. That are some awesome news!

    Still I got some questions:

    First one, will there be a release of a Thraxas collection? Like all books together in one tome (or 1-4 in one and 5-8 in another). Because I would love to reread your books in english, but I already got them in german and as a poor student I have to watch my budget :) .

    Second question, will there be a translation of your new novel? Your books were the only fantasy stories my mother ever enjoyed to read, but she has some trouble with the english language.

    I'm looking forward for your answer

    1. I'm not certain about a collection, Haddo. It's a good idea, but I'm organising this project myself, and I can only do so much. So for the meantime, it will just be individual books.

      As for a German edition, I hope so. My agent will offer the new Thraxas book to the German publisher. However, I don't know yet if they will want to publish it, as there has been a long gap since the last one.

  8. I'm absolutely thrilled to hear! And I conveniently was given an e-reader for Christmas, so there's that.

    Can't wait 'till the end of my exams so I can get started on this! Woohoo!

  9. Anonymous11:27 pm

    A new Thraxas is excellent news. I must say that I prefer paper to epub