Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Portal, general malaise, t-shirt

Arsenal's disastrous end-of-season form - and some angst about the difficulty of life - but mainly Arsenal's poor form - cast me into deep gloom, a malaise so profound that even if top model Rosie Huntington Whiteley had knocked on my door to announce that A) She had a secret crush on me, B) She'd been a naughty girl, and C) She'd brought along some agent provocateur lingerie she'd just been modelling, I'd still have been gloomy.

This is obviously some serious gloom. What if she'd brought a bag of manga? Well, I suppose that might have helped. But I'll need some beer as well.

I look forward to the day I can just disappear into some giant virtual reality computer where that sort of thing can happen. I'd never come back.

My gloom did lift somewhat when my new Portal 2 t-shirt arrived in the post. Did I mention how I can become completely obsessed with video games? Here I am wearing my Portal t-shirt, a willing victim of their marketing department. And you can see how happy I look. Actually I was quite cheerful when that photo was taken.

Other things in picture - my kitchen wall - corner of elderly fridge - sock hanging over radiator. There were other socks, but they're out of shot.


  1. Anonymous7:54 pm

    Anonymous said...
    Great t-shirt!! Enough being gloomy!!! Let's dance to some reggae!

  2. Anonymous11:38 pm

    Hey Martin
    Like the t-shirt! ...and as comment above, go out and dance some!
    LZ x

  3. Anonymous8:07 pm

    I think you should paint the walls of your kitchen some shade of orange... it looks great on the t-shirt, it will perk up the room.