Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Bloody Valentine

I'm torn between buying the soundtrack for Lost in Translation and - eh - not buying it. In favour of buying it: I'm still obsessed with the film. Also, I just discovered the the soundtrack contains five songs by Kevin Shields, the main creative force behind My Bloody Valentine. I did know there was a song by My Bloody Valentine in the film, but I didn't realise Kevin Shields did more of the music.

Unfortunately I have a strong feeling that buying a soundtrack is a really bad thing to do. Like it means you're a big fan of film music. Which I'm not. But maybe this only applies to the soundtrack of Evita, or Phantom of the Opera. Hmm. I do have a natural inclination against it for some reason.

I really liked My Bloody Valentine. Their album Loveless is a great favourite. I bought it on cassette in 1991 and I clearly remember wondering if the cassette was warped, so strange was some of the music, till you got used to it. I'm sure other people thought this as well, the first time they heard it.

I remember seeing My Bloody Valentine play, but for some reason my memory fails me a little on this gig. It was in the early 90s, and I'm sure it was at the Forum in North London, but I'm certain My Bloody Valentine weren't headlining. They were the support band but I can't remember which band they were supporting. I saw a lot of bands at the Forum around that time. I can remember The Pixies, Carter USM, Pop Will Eat itself, the Jesus and Mary Chain, and others, but I can't quite remember who My Bloody Valentine played with.


Here is a 10 second video of me. I already put this on Facebook - and Twitter - but I'm putting it here as well because, as the first video of myself I've ever uploaded anywhere, it's obviously an important social document, and needs to be preserved for society. Possibly NASA should send it into space, so alien civilisations can eventually see it.

Hi, here's my new Runaways t-shirt. Kalix would like this.


  1. Anonymous11:25 pm

    It's a fine album, I recommend you buy it. My Bloody Valentine, Mary Chain, and I love the Phoenix song too. I know what you mean about buying soundtracks, but it's not like it's a score, or Evita. It's Kevin Shields.

  2. Anonymous9:08 am

    LiT soundtrack -- buy it! I love the movie too -- watched it again, just last week. The Enabler xx

  3. Dude, if the bottom ever drops out of the writing thing (please god NOOOOOOO!), I strongly belive you've got a stellar future in runway modeling.

  4. The video cracks me up but I did not see it on facebook.

  5. You should buy it. It's a very cool album, not "soundtracky" at all

  6. Clare OJ1:18 pm

    I am late catching up with your blogs! Buy the soundtrack- one of my favourite albums of the 00's has been the soundtrack to Zack Braffs 'Garden State'...agree it smacks of laziness 'can't be arsed to invoke an original state of mind so will pinch theirs' but worth it! just hide it at the back!