Monday, February 14, 2011

Price Increase Scandal

I like this painting by Picasso, sold last week at auction for £25 million. It depicts Marie-Therese Walter, with whom Picasso had a long affair. Picasso met her at a tube station in Paris in 1927. She was 17 at the time and he approached her with the line 'I am Picasso. You and I are going to do great things together.' I couldn't help but be impressed with Picasso for this. What a rogue. Am now eager to try it out. There isn't a tube station nearby but there is a large bus station so I'm off to give it a try. What could go wrong? I can definitely see this working out well.

It's Valentine's day. This generally reminds me of the tragic scene in Buffy when Xander gives Cordelia a necklace as a Valentines present. She immediately breaks up with him, thereby crushing Xander's spirit. Cordelia was a wonderful character in Buffy. I was sorry when she left the show, and she was never so good in Angel.

But in the main scandal of the day, my local Sainsbury's supermarket is now charging £1 for a packet of hobnobs! My favourite biscuits - or cookies - have rocketed in price. I was staggered when I noticed this. No doubt using the recession as an excuse, Sainsbury's have whacked up the price. It's scandalous. Only a few weeks ago they were 85 pence, and in fact quite recently they were on sale for the reduced price of 45 pence. Now it's a pound for a packet! I'm completely outraged. Hobnobs are a large part of my staple diet. I depend on them. £1 for a packet of Hobnobs. It's just not right. May stage protest outside the shop, with an angry placard.


  1. Please do not get arrested for approaching the 17 year olds or creating a disturbance outside the store. Since pencils can be used as weapons, we may not be able to send you any if you are incarcerated. Then you could not write and you would be responsible for your many fans going into deep depression. Further, I am not at all sure that they serve hobnobs in jail. So, really, what would be the point?

  2. Cordelia was great. But at least she didn't meet a horrible end like the divine Jenny Calendar.

  3. Poor Jenny Calender. I was really sad when she was killed.

    Rosie - I won't get arrested! Well actually, I might. Better abandon my wild plans.

  4. Maybe it's time to switch to Ginger Biscuits? If you have a little rubbish corner shop near you, have a look for the 28p ones in a green-and-transparent packet. They're really nice, although you really need some tea to dunk them in or at least to wash them down with 'cos they're very crunchy. Also if you have any asian-veg-and-stuff shops with biscuits, see if they have any peanut cookies (the ones with whole peanuts on top). They're really cheap too, and tasty.