Saturday, November 13, 2010

High Winds, Werewolf Playlist

There have been high winds here recently, and after several dangerous trips to the shops I count myself fortunate to have escaped serious injury. Not only is there the ever-present danger of a tile being blown off a roof and landing on my head, there's the terrifying prospect of scaffolding collapsing. In this part of South London there always seems to be scaffolding around some old building and I'm nervous of it. And when I say nervous I mean I'm scared of it and cross the road to avoid it. I have a morbid fear of being buried under a pile of scaffolding. It's just so dangerous, all these heavy metal poles up there above you. There should be some safe modern version, like maybe scaffolding made of bouncy castle material.

I do have some reason to be nervous of winds, dating from my childhood. In 1968 there was a bad hurricane in Glasgow. I can still remember waking up in the middle of the night wondering what on earth was happening, as the winds roared around the house, and slates flew off roofs. It was so loud. I got up, and found the rest of the family also awake. We all sat downstairs rather nervously through the night, waiting for it to pass.

It happened as a complete surprise, without any warning. Hurricanes are not at all common in Scotland. By world standards, it probably wasn't that severe a hurricane, but there were people killed in the storm. So perhaps my great dislike of strong winds come from that.

In-between coping with this dangerous weather, I completed an interview for Largehearted Boy, comprising a playlist for Curse of The Wolf Girl, which you can find here. I like this playlist.


  1. I sympathise with your scaffolding fear. My mother had a scaffolding plank fall on her once & I have been nervous around scaffolding ever since (fortunately she wasn't badly injured)

  2. Years ago I was working as a carnie -- we were playing some small ass town in the middle of nowhere Kansas (I apologize -- that was redundant). You can see for miles and miles out there and we saw a funnel cloud charging toward us across the plain. The tornado veered off but the winds were still insane. I got clocked by a part of my joint (the game I was running) as it came down. What fun! Yeah, I can totally dig the anxiety.

  3. Scaffolding, you don't scare me! Much.

    The hurricane ordeal sounds terrifying! Glad you and yours survived relatively unscathed. We have tornadoes where I live and those can be quite scary. This summer we had a lot of flooding too which was just surreal. Mother Nature shouldn't abuse her powers so. Although I do love a good windy day especially in Autumn before it gets too cold outside. Then again I don't come across much scaffolding.

  4. I really like the playlist you assembled. I was actually surprised while reading Curse of the Wolf Girl that there weren't any references to The Runaways (unless I missed it? But I don't think I did...) Mostly because it was due to Lonely Werewolf Girl that I had any interest in finding out who The Runaways were in the first place, which in turn led to me watching the movie which I thought was rather good.

    In any event, I'll be assembling the playlist for the next time I read Curse of the Wolf Girl.

  5. It is a good playlist but surely Puffy Amiyumi's theme tune to Teen Titans should be on there?