Friday, October 15, 2010

Arrrghhh! People!!!

People are so unbelievably annoying and stupid at times. Making me despise the human race at this moment is the complete mess people round here made of the local council's attempts to encourage re-cycling.

First the council gave everyone these big plastic boxes. You put in all your paper, glass and tin. Then you put the box outside your flat and they collected it. Unfortunately, when the boxes were left outside, other people put junk in them - household garbage, plastic bottles, that sort of thing. Just threw it in like they were rubbish bins. There were a few extra boxes which were always left in front of the block, and these also became rubbish bins. Soon the whole place turned into a big mess.

So. The council abandoned the individual boxes and instead placed three very large bins in front of the block of flats, clearly marked for recycling only. You just took your paper, glass and tin down there and threw it in the big bin. Once again, it was a perfectly good recycling scheme, easy to use.

However people, apparently too stupid to comprehend it, immediately started to ruin it by once more treating these recycling bins as rubbish bins. People would leave other junk beside them. Old carpets, bit of household furniture, even bags of garbage. Even though this was clearly not the place to leave any of this stuff, people did it. What's more, people with large amounts of cardboard to throw away, like large boxes, couldn't be bothered to rip the cardboard up and put it in the bins. Instead they'd just dump a load of boxes beside the recycling bins. Which meant, inevitably, that they'd get rained on. In no time there would be a mass of soggy disgusting cardboard rotting on the pavement. Other people, seeing this mass of rotting cardboard then would leave more junk beside it. Very soon the whole place was a terrible mess, and the council's perfectly good recycling scheme was ruined again.

Now they have put a smaller recycling bin inside the little cupboards where everyone's bins are stored. As these are locked away, this might do better, but I doubt it, because when people go to put their rubbish there they will just toss it in the recycling bins anyway. People already leave stuff in there that the council's garbage collectors obviously aren't going to take away, like old chairs for instance, because these people cannot be bothered to get rid of them properly.

Why are people so annoying and stupid like this? It's not like the recycling was ever difficult but people just made a complete mess of it.

Similarly, adding to my ire, in the supermarket there's a cat rescue bin, placed there by a local charity. You put cat food in there and it goes to a shelter for homeless cats. This is a standard sort of black rubbish bin, but taped to it are pictures of cats. On top of it, there is a big sign with more pictures of cats, and an explanation of what it's for. It says in big letters 'Only put cat food in here.' And do people pay any attention? Naturally they don't. Every time I go to put a tin of cat food in the bin, it's full of rubbish - empty crisp packets and stuff like that - because people are too lazy and stupid to read the sign and realise that it's not actually meant to be a rubbish bin.

Arrrgh. People. Urgh.

* However *

* Calming down for a moment. *

I'm expecting dancing on the streets of Paris today, as Lonely Werewolf Girl is finally published in France, by Editions Intervalles. It has taken rather a long time to get there, but now here it is - Kalix, la loup-garou solitaire.


  1. Anonymous9:12 am

    i once put a homeless cat in the recycling bin by mistake....

  2. I totally agree with you, people are stupid. Didn't Boy George say that some time ago too? Now, he's a sensible chap, I bet he puts his recycling in the right boxes.

  3. Hehee! Our recycling scheme is ok. But I think the idiots round here don't go near the recycling bins - they still put everything in the dustbin!

    What I think is daft is that everyone takes recycling in plastic bags but are the plastic bag recycling containers next to everything else? No, they are across the other side of the car park and through the supermarket! Fun :D

  4. Unfortunately, stupidity is running rampant throughout the world!!!!
    Fortunately, I and many others are able to divert our attention from them, by reading your wonderfully entertaining stories!! :D
    Thank you again.

  5. Gah!! You know what's stupid?? Blogger is stupid! It keeps annihilating my effin' comments!

    Here's another attempt to comment.

    We have the same problem in the States. Stupidity and inconsiderate behavior know no borders apparently. Sad but true.

    I'm very lucky. There is a man named Richard who wanders by our building early every morning on the way home from his girlfriend's house. He stops and meticulously organizes our garbage and recycling bins. I think there's a wee bit of compulsive behavior involved but he seems pretty harmless and he's doing a good deed so YEA RICHARD!

    Congrats on the French publication. The cover looks great.

  6. i thought of this post over the weekend as i noticed two piles (wooden pallets and cardboard) growing around the recycle and trash dumpsters not far from my window. what's wrong with people?! can't they READ?!?

    oh, wait.

    and even for people who can and will read, i realized the sign telling "put THIS / do NOT put that in here" is rather small compared to the the size of the bin, like a wee postage stamp on the face of a huge envelope. that can't help.

    have you seen "Talk to the Hand" by Lynn Truss? she addresses these sorts of socially inconsiderate behaviours in an amusing way. tho' it all still depresses me.

    for now, i'm going out to put all that @#%! cardboard IN the dumpster. compulsive or no, i'm tired of seeing it.

  7. Martin, didn't you really mean "Grr Arrghhh"?

    Hmmm, stupidity plus laziness and ignorance me thinks. Some people just can't be bothered to follow simple instructions if they think there are no direct consequences to themselves.

    Love the French cover. A rather elegant and stylish femme fatale depiction of Kalix.

  8. Yes, I wish I had said 'Grr Arrghhh.' I should have said that!