Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pictures of Me

My friend Kate is visiting London, from San Francisco. It was great to see her. I met her in a pub at Clapham Common. She pointed her iPhone at us, and took this picture.

Later I sat at my new computer and became confused about the iPhoto application.

Finally I worked out how to use it. Aha!

Then Buffy arrived to protect me. (And she brought me a hat!)

(Buffy figurine from www.buffycollection.com)

Note the bare wall behind me. It looks like I'm sitting in a prison cell.

Something just thumped through the letterbox. Ah. Three copies of the Italian contract for Queen Vex. And a new Buffy comic. Both good.


  1. Anonymous3:15 pm

    Hiya! Good to see you, Martin.


  2. Super pics, Martin. Good to see you. And what a haul from your letterbox! Just got a new Buffy comic as well. Dollhouse is giving me nightmares, but I'm still watching. I have one disc (3 or 4 more episodes to go). Toby reminds me of Andrew (right)? but not half as my fun. Have you seen any Boston Legals yet?

  3. Wow, Martin, you're giving Britney a run for her money in the costume change department! Am eagerley awaiting the photo of you gyrating in a skirt and knee high socks to "Baby One More Time". I'm sure it will follow soon!

    You're looking very rosy cheeked, though! Good! You look healthy! x

  4. Hi Spacedlaw. I always like it when people say I'm looking good. Even if they're only being polite :o)

    Good to see you too Gail, I hope things are fine in Italy.

  5. Suzie, I've just come to the end of the first series of Dollhouse. The finale, episode 13, was very strange indeed. Good series though. Toby is really like Andrew, I thought that as soon as he appeared.

  6. Sammi, I didn't notice the costume changes till you pointed them out! I must have become cold, or something, and put a shirt on. Still, it's always good to have Britney making an appearance in my blog. Is 'rosy cheeked' good? I hope so. x

  7. My 16 year old daughter is very good at the whole computer-photo-art thingy, but even a self portrait looking like you're in a prison cell (costume changes notwithstanding - is that a word?-), is more than i can manage. I can only just add a comment to a blog...

  8. ronhin11:33 am

    yea a sequal gogogo writewritewrite

  9. Really beatiful photos! As an Italian fan I'm really glad that here there will be a sequel <3 .
    I've the book in English and also in italian. I'll do the same with the sequel.
    I'll support you!

  10. Martin ! I don’t know if you you remember me from your time in Tulse Hill ? You were living in a flat and working in a library I think in Kings college. I worked in the canteen there for a while. My name is Nicky. Just came across you online.. just wanted to say I remember you writing stuff back then and reading it to me. And you made it !! Brilliant x