Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Les Petites Fées de New York

I've been too dull and uninspired to write anything interesting in my blog for a while.

Here are two books, due out soon. There's a French edition of The Good Fairies of New York - Les Petites Fées de New York - coming out on the 18th April, from Editions Intervalles. It's taken a long time for this book to be published in France and I'm glad it's made it eventually. And Soft Skull in the USA will publish a new edition of Lux the Poet in May. I'm pleased to have Lux back in print.


Other than that, not much happening. A mysterious insect bite on my foot left me limping around for a few days. Stupid wildlife. However, it did give me an excuse to do nothing except lie on the couch reading manga, and Buffy comics. I always like an excuse to lie on the couch, doing nothing. OK, I don't really need an excuse.

Apart from working on the sequel to Lonely Werewolf Girl, I've been writing with my friend Doon MacKichan. We wrote a play together some years ago, a version of Jane Austin's Emma. That was quite successful. Now she's planning a one-woman show, hopefully for later this year.


  1. Congratulations on the new printings. Maybe I should get a french copy of les petities fees - I have been meaning to brush up on my french...

  2. I just finished Lonely Werewolf Girl, which was even better than The Good Fairies of New York (one of my most-recommended books to friends). I'm a 34-year-old woman who identified way too much with Kalix. Awesome, awesome book. Thank you.

  3. That's great about the reissued books! I plan on getting Lonely Werewolf Girl as a present for one of my friends. And now I can add to my collection of Millar books.

  4. Flat hat8:50 am

    Good good - I'll go an buy the Petites Fées and see how you translate !

  5. Flat hat8:52 am

    and also ...
    when's Werewolf Girl hopping across the Channel ?

    love to you an' yours (an' theirs too)

  6. Hello, Martin. We all left our blogs untouched from time to time, is good to give readers time to read books too!
    I discovered you from the soft skull page and well, liked a lot that you enjoyed Buffy and Tank Girl. So did I. I hope is a generational thing (we didn't have thousands of american series-all kinda PoMo- on TV to choose from in the nineties, did we?)
    I live in Chile and like literature in english. I'm glad to discover authors outside the fascinating chabon-lethem-eggers-junot díaz group.
    Well, I've been a fan of Stewart Home for a while.
    I live in the country and my skin is full of scars of insect bytes and branch scratches. I inhale a lot of dust.
    From all the folks in the soft skull list, let me tell you that you sound like one of the three most interesting ones. And I say "sound" because I like how your titles sound.
    Did you know that you sure name is identical to a spanish one?
    Best regards and success with all your endeavours.

  7. The problem about a one woman show is that if you don't get the main part... well... you're pretty much screwed then.

  8. Well I am going to go pick up a copy of "Lux the Poet". Been re-reading "Lonely Werewolf Girl" over and over. It might be time for something different? Cheers

  9. Thanks for the replies which again, I am late in acknowleging.

    Marjorie, I definately approve of brushing up your French with translations of my books. Good for your language skills and my royalties. Everyone wins.

    Flathat, I'm not certain if Lonely Werewolf Girl has been sold to France, I think so but I'll have to check.

    CaliGardenGirl and Toxifur, I'm glad you liked Lonely Werewolf Girl, I'm still working away on the sequel, it's going well, if slowly. Thanks for recommending the book to your friends, I appreciate this.

    Rick, I sympathise with the insect bites and scratches! I din't tknow my name was identical to one in Spanish.

  10. Thank you for writing wonderful literature. I would like to mention one thing, however. Please make sure that Soft Skull edits your next books more carefully. I was happy to read "The Good Fairies of New York" and "Lonely Werewolf Girl" but disappointed to see so many editorial mistakes. I'm assuming that has nothing to do with you, and hope better copies come out. I am very much looking forward to reading more of your books, as these two were my first. -Lara

  11. J'ai maintenant acheté une copie du livre en français. Il sera très utile si je dois discuter des fées en français

  12. Anonymous2:01 pm

    I can't wait for the sequel to Lonely Werewolf Girl~! ^___^

  13. Pierre-Yves1:39 pm

    Thank you Martin for existing and sharing your dreams with us poor Earth-living creatures! I am a French guy and I definitely enjoyed Les petites fées. Then I had to find a copy of Milk etc. (french title is Le lait, les amphètes et Alby la Famine) and I'm currently reading it... quite slowly because after this one I'm afraid I'll have nothing more to read from you for a while :-( (unfortunately I'm not fluent at reading/writing/speaking English...) Thanks again, keep going!

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