Thursday, June 05, 2008

Missing Stickers

My new Naruto manga is wrapped in plastic, which is unusual. Inside there are free stickers. Aha. The plastic wrapping was to prevent unscrupulous people from stealing the stickers in the shop. But what's this? A list of the four editions of Naruto that include free stickers.

I read the list. There should have been free stickers in issue 18. I bought issue 18 from this shop. There weren't any stickers in my copy. I inquire at the counter. They don't know anything about it. I let the matter go. After all, I'm too old and mature to be worrying about free stickers.

But really, I'm not pleased. I want my free stickers. Arrive home quite dissatisfied. You can't just sell comics minus the free stickers. It's not right. I wonder if I could write to the publisher and ask for them?

'Dear Sirs, the children at my local orphanage were very disappointed not to receive their free stickers from Naruto volume 18...'

Despite sticker disappointment, I was quite pleased about successful excursion, having managed to travel a short distance on a bus and not feel too bad about it. Agoraphobia generally still a big problem. May be slightly improving. Find email from my agent about upcoming French book-deal for The Good Fairies of New York. Good, I've never made that much progress in France before.

Get on internet to investigate whole 'free stickers' scandal. Discover that other people did get them. Hmm. My mouse suddenly stops working. How annoying. Try shaking it. No effect. Try poking it, but there's nothing really to poke on an optical mouse. No moving parts. Poke it anyway. No effect. Shake it around. Tap it on the desk. Still not working. Shake it again. Hit it firmly. No improvement. Beat it angrily against the wall. Mouse disintegrates. Use track-pad on laptop to order new mouse from computer store.

I want these Naruto stickers. I bought the comic. I should have them. It's lucky I'm not the sort of person to obsess about this sort of thing.


  1. Oh goody! Good Fairies in French! Then we can get Lorraine to study more French (I could try and do a recording of it too). That should be an interesting translation to write as well. Actually I am not too sure how even to translate "Fairies" in French (not "Fées", that's for sure).

    That missing sticker thing sucks.

  2. I have found the stickers at the comic con in Lucca!!! and in the first original number, Italian edition, was a lot of it! I adore naruto! above all : Rock Lee and Gaara! *O*

  3. I am certainly trying with the whole French thing, and will read it when it comes out, tho YES, , lets get Spacelaw to do an audio version!

    So, I know little of Anime, is this Naturo published in the US? If so, who is publishing it? Or who puts it out in the UK? We will get you some stickers...

    Oh yes....

    Never underestimate a Personal Assistant on a hunt...

  4. I felt the same way about Smash Hits that they sold in Malaysia. For some reason they never sold it w the free stuff overseas. This also happened with Beano comics. I feel your pain.

  5. Anonymous1:07 am

    You simply MUST have those goddamn stickers.
    A x

  6. I like Gaara and Rock Lee too. And Sakura. The Naruo I buy are the collected graphic novels, published by Shonen Jump / Viz Media. But probably it would be best if I did not start fixating on stickers...

    Lorraine you must be wary of this 'foreign language' endeavor. It sounds hazardous. Still, I am Scottish, and I don't think it's one of our talents.

  7. The Scots have other skills, it is well known..And a language all of their own too. I love it.

    Mostly my attempts to learn French involve watching UNDERWORLD in French with French subtitles and reading a lovely book I found called "French For Cats."

    I am not having luck in the sticker department. Have you managed to get the complete Buffy DVD set yet? I may have better luck there....

  8. Damn! Good job going for the stickers! They are more important than some difficult encounter with a shop clerk... and then that wasn't so bad after all. Do you also watch the anime of Naruto? This link to the bittorrents >>

    Some pretty nice new anime coming down the pipe these days >>>

    Oh, I liked the image of the bus and the kids in a screaming contest. Made me wonder what the dialogue was between the kids... had they just come from Janov's Primal Scream Institute and were practicing? Or had Janov figgured it out from a similar bus experience? Or... was it a set up by the mothers to mess with the other bus riders? Are there really black helicopters??? OMG! I may have to move to Idaho and build a bunker!