Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Spelling Mistakes. Look on the Bright Side.

As various correspondents have pointed out to me, there are quite a lot of typos and spelling mistakes in Lonely Werewolf Girl. I'm disappointed in this. However, there are no proof-readers to blame. I proof-read it myself. Obviously I didn't do a great job. Ho Hum.

The first edition has almost sold out. I'll be reprinting after Christmas, and I'll fix some of the typos then. I have someone helping me with this now. But when I was preparing it originally, there wasn't a great rush of volunteers.

Also, Soft Skull will publish the book in America next March. No doubt that will be much better proof read, and typo-free.

Meanwhile, possibly people could regard the typos as charming. Or even as in accordance with the spirit of punk rock, which has always inspired me. I had the choice of putting out this edition myself in Britain, or waiting another year for the American edition to be imported here. So I'm glad I published it, typos or not. Possibly, in years to come, these mis-spelled first editions will be a distinctive and valuable items.

* or maybe not *

It's thanksgiving in the USA. I had a thanksgiving dinner one time in London, courtesy of my friend Kate, who's now back in San Francisco. It was great. As well as the turkey there were various pumpkin-related dishes, including, I seem to remember, pumpkin bread. That was interesting; the only time I've ever eaten pumpkin in any form. It's not something you normally encounter in South London. It was a really good dinner.


  1. They're definitely punk.
    And definitely worth it to have the book out a year sooner.
    Good luck with the reprint!

  2. Tammy Sparks3:25 pm

    I was one of those correspondents who mentioned your typos, and I really feel bad about it. Truly, I'm thrilled to have a first printing of LONELY WEREWOLF GIRL, typos and all. It's still one of my favorite books that I've read this year (and I've read a lot). If you ever need proofreading help, let me know...

  3. Yay, up until the American version, I had a typo in Coven of One. I like to think I am enriching the world and giving hope to other writers.
    Maybe it will be worth a fortune one day.

    pee ess - didn't spot yours - honest!

  4. ummm, maybe i read too fast, but i never noticed the typos and I loved the book so much i gave my first copy away and ordered a signed one, then ordered another sined one for a freind and then again for another freind and am currently trying to think of other people I can buy it for.
    It's not often a book comes along and you know other people would love it 100%.

  5. Anonymous11:47 am

    hhmmmmm....wonder why hageltoast didn't spot any typos?

  6. I had not wanted to say anything earlier, but yes, I must have got the first edition because there was quite a lot of typos. Strange that you say that you did the copy editing, I would have thought the editor did this type of things. Because the writer is possibly the less equipped person to spot typos, knowing the book so well.

  7. Anonymous9:37 pm

    Yeah, I actually began proofing it! I did find it endearing though.